Rust & Honey - Pour Another Drink

from by We Have a Bevin Problem



"Pour Another Drink"
a protest song

written by Erin Grace (Autoharp & lead female vocals, songwriter), performed for Matt Bevin Problems, by Rust & Honey at LaLaLand Studio. Proceeds for Planned Parenthood of Indiana & Kentucky.

Recording engineer: Anne Gauthier. Mixed by: Kevin Ratterman
Recorded at: LaLaLand for #MattBevinProblems.


"Pour Another Drink"
by Erin Grace, Rust & Honey

Verse 1:
Citizens United lets 'em buy up the elections
The man in charge of healthcare guarantees lifelong erections
They wanna lay their pipe through the sovereign native lands
They want us to believe progress is out of our hands.

Oh, I'd like to go and burn it all down
I'd like everyone to know the secrets I've found
I'd like to get just one mind to think
But it's so much easier to pour another drink
It's so much easier to pour another drink

Verse 2:
We're livin' in the world of the haves and we're the beggars
The multi-mega-billionaires and dirty boot-leggers
The FDA approves, the NSA spies
And we're just all so comfortable believing all the lies.


Verse 3:
There's a war in Afghanistan, a war against drugs
There's a war against Christmas and a war against thugs
No matter if your hands are up or if they're on a gun
One way or another it'll all get spun


Verse 4:
Well the people should've listened to the Guthries and to Dylan
But competin' with the Jonses they ignored all the killin'
And now we're in a cycle we ain't likely to break
And the folks from up on high just say, "Let them eat cake!"



from We Have a Bevin Problem, released June 18, 2016
Erin Grace (Autoharp & lead female vocals, songwriter)
(Guitar: Boz Johnson, Steve Clare. Bass: JR Philpot. Drum: Pete Lentz, subbing for Wodde Hannah. Harmonica/Guitar: Mark Englert. Background vocals: Boz Johnson, Steve Clare, JR Philpot)



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We Have a Bevin Problem Louisville, Kentucky

Musicians in Kentucky responded in song to our governor's attacks on women’s reproductive rights, affordable health care, the LGBTQIA+ community, education, and progress in general in our beloved state.

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